Annarita Graziano was born in Catanzaro where her father, who is a realist painter, a photographer and a classical music lover, cultivated her interest in the art world from an early age, although pursuing an artistic career was anything but automatic or taken for granted. In fact, on leaving school Graziano moved to Rome to study law at Sapienza University.  Her passion for painting came to her in a powerful revelation, during a warm summer afternoon, in the intimate atmosphere of her garden in Calabria.

The profound relationship Graziano established with art allowed her to understand that the enthusiasm we devote to the pursuit of our own ambitions has a key-role in the process of acquiring a deeper love of life. This emotional journey brings forth wonderful abstract canvases whose warm and bright colours remind us of the sun and the sea of Graziano’s homeland. The works she creates originate from pure instinct; they are based neither on a design process nor on meditation, but rather on pure conveyance of the feelings that dwell in the depth of her soul.

Thanks to her high artistic quality, which is a distinctive feature of her work, Annarita Graziano was selected for the Chianciano Biennale, 2013, an international exhibition that took place in September. Her work is receiving an increasingly high opinion and interest from the public and her career has taken off. Such success is justified by a combination of artistic and technical merit and a considerable communicative flair.

Annarita Graziano’s paintings raise questions, talk to us, convey the joy and the peace the artist maintains she experiences while standing in front of a canvas.

In February 2014 she was selected to participate at the First Biennal of Creativity in Verona, Italy.




Annarita Graziano with the famous Art Critic Vittorio Sgarbi.